This has been a challenging year in many aspects for WHART. It is the year which many lease agreements had reached their maturity and been needed the renewal. We are pleased to report that WHART is able to remain most of the tenants as the result 90 percent of the occupancy rate. In addition, two more aspects which WHART has done in 2017 namely the conversion of the WHA Premium Factory and Warehouse Freehold and Leasehold Property Fund or WHAPF to merge with WHART and the acquisition of new assets. This is the third time of our asset acquisition.

These actions have brought the expansion of leasable warehouses and factories of more than 20 projects scattered in many locations including Bangna-Trad, Eastern Economic Area (Chonburi-Rayong), and Ayudhya-Saraburi totally 971,578.55 square meters or Baht 25,948 million in term of value increasing.

to the fact that the leasable areas are distributed in many locations and 50 percent of the tenants’ businesses are in the consumer goods industry which is continuously stable and undeviating. The management and directors of WHART confide that WHART shall grow steadily and generate a continuous stream of revenue along with returns to WHART and the trust unit holders of WHART in the future.